Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Raw 4 Paws?

A list of stockists is available here.

How much should I feed my dog?

Feeding recommendations are available here.

Can I feed Raw 4 Paws to pregnant and lactating females?

Yes, adjust the amount of food intake accordingly.

Can I feed Raw 4 Paws to puppies?

Yes, however it is recommended to avoid Kangaroo during the growing stage since Kangaroo meat is too lean for puppies.

Can I feed Raw 4 Paws to dogs with certain health conditions like allergies or other issues?

Yes, in case of food allergies check which meat your pet is reacting to. Since Raw 4 Paws only contains one animal protein per variety, e.g. in chicken there is only chicken meat, bone and offal, it is easy to avoid the meat that might cause the reaction in your pet. Feed other flavours to still be able to offer variety.

For other health concerns like e.g. pets with kidney problems, diabetes etc. please feel free to contact our qualified canine nutritionist, Steph Orange BCCSDip.HthNut, to discuss the available Raw 4 Paws diet options.

What about bacteria in raw food?

All Raw 4 Paws products are made from fresh Australian meat that comes from human consumption facilities. This means the meat cuts we use come from meat that has been tested and graded for sale for human consumption. All vegetables and fruit come directly from the Brisbane Markets and are human consumption quality. The meat and other ingredients are minced and mixed by Raw 4 Paws on premises to ensure the high quality of the products. NO pre-minced meats are used. All ingredients are processed as quickly as possible at a very low temperature and are then snap frozen below -18 C in Safe Food accredited and freezer grade packaging. This means low bacteria growth to begin with plus no breakage of packaging due to freezer suitable packaging. Ready products are stored at below -18 C as required by Safe Food Qld and transported to stockists in a refrigerated vehicle and suitable transport boxes.

If you have any questions please contact us.